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That One Shining Star That One Shining Star

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Beautiful John I enjoy it.
Congratulations on your marriage. I will always consider you a great song writer and a great person.


jnry3 responds:

Thanks, Stacy! Good luck with your musical pursuits in life! Rock on!

Over My Head Over My Head

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Fantastic Song

Bad recording, but a fantastic song. Don't quit man!

(8-Bit) Eye Of The Tiger (8-Bit) Eye Of The Tiger

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8 bit awesome.

Fantastic man. Reminds me of Ivan Drago Freedom Fighter.

tsunami334 responds:

Rofl never would of thought

Fighting With Colbert Fighting With Colbert

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Music ok, Mixing of soundbites awsome.

The music is decent but the sound bites are what really make the song and even though the musical progression isn't inspired the mixing of the Colbert Show make it interesting. Talent in mixing but vary your music more.

TSH - Under_Judgement TSH - Under_Judgement

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Not bad

You got a very garage so cal sound going on, its not bad.

My main complaint is with that keyboard lead, its too far up in the mix and although pretty at times it gets a little annoying. If it were tighter and a bit lower you'd have a real quality track here.

Keep at it, I'd like to hear more.

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EOVotes4Pedro responds:

thanks, dominimous! thank you for your critisism and i'll be sure to work on it!


Whore on Newgrounds Today Whore on Newgrounds Today

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Now thats funny.

Sorry for the late review but I did take a good listen.

The toms are awesome when they kick in at the beginning but when the guitar kicks in it sounds like you've panned the bass to the left a bit. It sounds good in head phones for separation but when I listened to it in my car the bass gets buried by guitar and vocals. It might strengthen it if you keep it in the middle and just focus on panning the back up vocals.

I love the guitar tone you've got going on there. Hehe I think my ears are about the reverse of yours I would have liked a little more bass in the eq.

The back up vocals really really work. I like how they fill in the chorus.

Lead vocals seem a little dry but it doesn't take away from the song at all. A little extra reverb might take away from the style.

All in all really good tune it made me laugh especially the mix some fruity loops and electronica line. Keep it up man.

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jnry3 responds:

Hmm... yeah, I should've kept the bass at center (panned it around 20%; the guitar is at the opposite side... bad idea, hehe).

The back vocals are already panned at 60% on each side. Maybe I should pan more?

Hehe, lead vocals do need more bass EQ and reverb. And more bass EQ'ing to the guitar... got it.

Thanks for the excellent feedback! Greatly appreciated man! ^_^

Khuskan - Not Enough Khuskan - Not Enough

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Wow really quality vocals. You really don't hear that sort of thing here. I don't care much for the lyrics but the tone is really great. The vocals could use a little more reverb to counter act the karaoke effect but its really slight and doesn't take away from the song at all. And great chill arrangement great production there. I don't like Cubase but Reason is really a great tool to rewire into another program. I find Live a great tool to work with especially if you take this sort of thing on stage.

What I really want to know, is that Philharmonic that you are producing the strings in that static effect (although really effective) sounds really familiar.

Good job over all

Madison-classno-the Original- Madison-classno-the Original-

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Nice hehe

Awesome, I appreciate the throwback even though it caught me a little off guard. This version is really good. You've turned the idea in to a song and did really quite well with it. This is quality work man I really can't get over it. Out side from quirky artistry you could probably market this. Video game, commercial even if you wanted to turn this in to a classical DJ set it would really work.

Ok now I wanna hear you remix The Blue Danube.

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therottenmentos responds:

I'll see what i can do with that musical. I'll work on it sometime this week.

I Shouldn't Fall In Love I Shouldn't Fall In Love

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Thats some real musicianship. The piano is awesome and you have a really good voice. I didn't expect that with some of you're other submissions. Granted that the song is a little hokey before the meat of the song kicks in and I was a little disappointed when the whole thing ended so suddenly. You should really post on Over there it's mostly musicians you'll definatlly get some love.

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jnry3 responds:

Hey thanks again! ^_^ Well... voice still needs work (self-taught; still learning). Regarding the structure of the song, if you follow the lyrics, it's a build-up of tension and confusion. The ending is open-ended. You may interpret it as a resolution or further confusion or despair.

I'll give that site a try, but I'll work on my vocals first before posting there. Again, thanks a lot!

~Lonely ~Lonely

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Man I'm a sucker for that 8 bit sound. It's a really good arrangement. You should try adding some pop acoustic drums and bass to beef it up a bit.