Entry #2

Living life and writing music.

2007-10-27 05:30:39 by Dominimous

Well still hitting that late night grind and there's not much to mention on the band front but I am still working with a couple of guys under the name Pending the Fall. It's just hard to get projects together with everyone working different hours. Check out the song Rome I've just uploaded. It's pre-vocals but I uploaded it because it's about to change drastically as we rearrange it to fit the singing in. Also, I spent a long time mastering this track and I'm starting to get the hang of it (even though I still have a tendency to heavy out the bass) and I'm happy with what I've come up with. I'm also going to take up a solo project with a kind of stoner metal post-rock kind of sound. I might even try vocals my self but the few instrumental pieces I've come up with so far don't sound too bad. More as I finish something suitable to upload. I've shied away from uploading unfinished loops. They just seem to waste time. Oh well I'm ranting now. More as I get it done.


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2007-11-12 03:38:59

Well... there's weekends, but yeah, it's a difficult situation.

Anyway, I'll be around, and I'd be happy to lend an extra set of ears. Keep 'em coming! ^_^


2008-05-03 14:38:13

Holy shit all your music is awesome.

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