Entry #1

Rolling with life and working on songs.

2007-07-19 01:17:37 by Dominimous

Thought I'd work with newgrounds' new features. Since they raised the size limit for uploading songs I thought I'd upload the old songs I did with burning hour. I'll give a little time in between submissions so it doesn't seem like I'm flooding the audio portal. I am still working on some new songs and at the same time it seems like Derek the bass player and I are getting a new band together. We met this kid who's a singer guitar player keyboard player and he seems to have the same interests we do so match this up with a drummer named taco and wham new project, We are calling it Pending the Fall. YAY! Anyway... Peace Out!

Rolling with life and working on songs.


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2007-08-01 20:46:47

Ice Cream for everyone


2007-09-14 05:53:53

Haha, sup?